5 Keys To Fat Loss

1. Total calorific intake:

You need to make sure your under your maintenance and know that all calories aren’t equal. By that I mean protein calories are treated differently in the body than carbohydrate calories even though some are equal in value


HOWEVER! If you are over consuming calories you WILL gain weight!


Have a monthly body diagnostic, testing your BMR, this is a 4-digit number and is the number you need to be slightly below to lose fat.

BMR stands for basal metabolic rate.

2. Consistency:

The king of all in life! To lose body fat you have to be consistent i.e. most of the time (99%) nailing your nutrition you can’t get it right one day, and then not the next, you can’t give up for a week or so either. To transform your body you have to tell it who’s boss! After you achieve your goal, maintaining is a lot easier and you can allow more flexibility in foods but to change from Body A to Body B you have to go to task.

3. Meal frequency:

Small and often burns more body fat by increasing your metabolism, every 3 hours is the optimum and start within 30 mins of waking.

4. Macronutrients:

These are protein, carbs, and fats it is VERY important to ensure you are getting the right food types at the right times. For example you need protein more often to maintain lean muscle for your metabolism, and carbs at the times you are most active. If your marcro’s are out of whack then frustration will surely follow.

5. Correct Training:

Now as true as the saying “You can’t out train a bad diet” it is also pointless having perfect nutrition with flawed or ineffective training. Metabolic Resistance Training, Interval based cardio for fat loss all specially designed to keep your body guessing and maximize fat loss and increase muscle tone.

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